Father Time ain’t got nothing on me

Oh hello there faithful readers, it has been too long, and it is all my fault. Simply enough, I’ve been lazy. (Or have been completely without thought for the past two weeks).Either way,  I am sorry.

But anyways, that being said, let’s get back to business and forget about the shortcomings that have come to pass. Today…it is my 22nd birthday, so that’s kind of cool, but also a little odd. The way I started looking at birthdays once I turned 18  (which was about when I realized that I will one day turn 22), is that after 21, you don’t really have anymore birthday’s too look foreward too. Post 21, I always thought that you are simply getting old. But last night, at midnight, on the minute I turned 22, my room mate and I were bumping Euro-Techno Dance music while wearing wife beaters and short shorts, dancing, eating chocolate, putting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the blender, banging on our wall, and getting it banged on back by the neighbors that share it with us. We then went over to the neighbors to bring them some butter, we had a bunch of extra a figured that they may be out. We then talked for a little while, accused passerby’s that they were checking out our legs, and did some hamstring stretches (Don’t want to get a dance related injury). When we got back to our apartment, we doorbell ditched our other neighbors, and then sent an e-mail to our RA that somebody was being really loud and obnoxious while we were trying to sleep.

Anyways, my perception of 22 has always been as an as the gateway to old manhood, but now that I’m here, it doesn’t really feel any different than I did at 21 (or 7 if you look at my actions of last night). But my point is much like the Death Cab for Cutie lyric “So this is the new year, and I don’t feel any different.” I’m old, and I don’t feel any different.


One Response to “Father Time ain’t got nothing on me”

  1. AUSTOOO! Says:

    hahahaha YES! i loved reading that story. super duper proud of you mtho. have a great birthday.

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