I’m bored. Not in the I’ve been sitting on my couch, somebody please text me kind of way, but in the I seem to have been doing the same mundane crap all my life kind of way. I’m 22 years old, and since I was 4, I’ve been going to school 9 months out of every year, and when not in school, I’ve had jobs here and there where I try to make a few bucks so I can continue to have a roof over my head and a bit of food on my plate. And it’s not even good food. I eat almost nothing but white rice and live in a tiny apartment in the biggest of all human nests, LA. Every day I wake up, and either go to school so someday I can have a nicer roof over my head, and better food on my plate, or go to work again to help feed the endless cycle. And why, so I can live the American dream where I have a two story house in a gated neighborhood with a wife and 3.5 kids. Culture tells me that this is what I should strive for, that and a really nice toaster. And to be honest, I’m really bored of it all.

I really like Indiana Jones a lot, in fact, I want to be him. You know, be super smart, a real lady killer, have the ability to pull off a fedora, and use a whip on almost a daily basis. Because of my desire to be like Indiana, I watch his movies pretty often, but now I sit here and wonder if my watching of his movies are just feeding more into the stupid cyclical system mentioned above. Why don’t I just go out and make an adventure like him? Why don’t I go out and buy a big knife, a fedora, and a whip and hop on a train going east and seeing where I end up?

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to finish up school (at this point no matter how over it I am), I’m going to finish, cause I only have a year left till I have a bachelors, and I’ve just invested too much to leave now. But then I’m going to take off. I think I’ll head east, find a boat to work on, and then see where I end up from there. I might try to circumnavigate the globe with nothing but walking and hitch hike powers, or I may just end up in the Swiss alps and stay there. At this point, who knows…


2 Responses to “Boredom…”

  1. beth Says:

    Okay, man, wow.
    Did you just tear a page out of my diary!? Because I wrote something very similar to that…its a little creepy actually 🙂
    I am a girl, lost aswell.
    I always wonder, whats it all about, you know.
    Everyone says uni is the answer, but what if its not?
    Everybody works their entire life, to buy a house and fill it with stuff, stuff that we are told we need – but we don’t. We ‘need’ a career, to buy that car, that house, that massive black widescreen flat panelled lcd monolith – to have a mortgage and be in debt to a rich man, who doesn’t give a damn about you, or me anyways. People put so much pressure on themselves to be ‘successful’, but…what is success?
    My goal in life at the moment is to work on a boat, and one day have one of my own. I like the idea of the freedom that it brings.
    I’m not saying that I want to be a bludger. I just want to be happy.
    People laugh at me when I say that’s my dream.
    I don’t know, maybe they know more than me.
    I don’t want to be a slave to the world, or to anyone or anything in it.
    I don’t like the idea of being controlled by technology, which I admit I waste far too much time on.
    I know what it is to work hard, I have done it, but quite frankly – I woud rather live simple and not have to work and waste my life on ‘stuff’…

    Just a thought anyways,
    keep thinking buddy, one day we will figure it out 🙂

  2. littlemissbeth Says:

    Hi, I left a comment on here a few days ago, but I think my computer skills failed me miserably…so here goes, again.

    You may as well have just ripped a page out of my diary, because I wonder the same thing constantly, every day.

    You start school, and everything is simple. You go because you have to.
    You finish school, and everyone is told that uni is the way to go.
    But why? I am 20, I finished school two years ago, always had uni as a goal, maybe striving towards something might make life better or give me a purpose?

    But now, I want to question – everything.
    Why do we need a successful career anyways, and who defines success?
    We’re told we need to work to provide for ourselves, but provide for what? For that cushy, boring 9-5 high paying job that you hate and you have to spend your hours sucking up to a boss, but it pays the bills, with a bit extra on the side to buy a nice fast car, have a mortgage on a house – and fill it with lots of stuff and a super fat high definition widescreen tv, and that life will be better when your 65 and can retire, satisfied because you ticked all the boxes on the checklist of life?

    Give me whats real.
    My goal is to buy a boat one day, until then I am just going to work on one. ‘Successful’ older, career driven people laugh at me. Heck, maybe they know more than me, actually I am pretty sure they do.
    But I refuse to believe that a successful life is one where money rules, and makes them feel better about themselves.

    I’m not saying that work is a bad thing, Ive spent 2 years working 2 jobs, but what is in my bank account doesnt make me feel a better person…and I don’t feel like my work defines me.
    I want to work to live, not the other way around.

    I hate the fact that our world is so driven by technology, and it has only been a pretty recent thing. I hate the fact that everything involves the use of it, and I hate the fact that I spend so much time on it.

    I would much rather live life self sufficiently, working minimally but providing for myself – rather than working alot and relying on the things of the world to get more things done in my short amount of free time.

    Its a trap…just keep thinking and one day we’ll figure it out 🙂

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